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"My Lord! Bestow Wisdom on Me and Join Me with Righteous"
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The overall aim of National Service Scheme is to give an extension to the higher education system and orient the student youth to community service while they are studying in the College. The sole aim of the NSS is to provide hands on experience to young students in delivering community service. N.S.S activities of our students were fine tuned to this objective. All the youth volunteers who opt to serve the nation through the NSS led community service wear the NSS badge with pride and a sense of responsibility towards helping needy.

The Konark wheel in the NSS badge having 8 bars signifies the 24 hours of the day, reminding the wearer to be ready for the service of the nation round the clock i.e. for 24 hours. Red colour in the badge signifies energy and spirit displayed by the NSS volunteers. The Blue colour signifies the cosmos of which the NSS is a tiny part, ready to contribute its share for the welfare of the mankind.

“The motto of National Service Scheme is  NOT ME BUT YOU


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